We deliver a level of patient comfort that exceeds the expectations of a traditional MRI experience. Reclining in a comfortable padded and adjustable chair, only the targeted anatomy is positioned within the MRI system. The exam preparation by the technologist is both faster and easier than that of a traditional MRI. The innovative design provides a more peaceful, patient-friendly environment to put feelings such as discomfort, restlessness, anxiety and especially claustrophobia to rest. The Santa Barbara Extremity MRI delivers all this comfort and ease without any comprise to the image quality thanks to the powerful 1.5T magnet. A comfortable and relaxed patient is less prone to accidental movement, allowing our scans to produce more clear and consistent images time and again.

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We provide our referring physicians with uncompromised quality while simultaneously allowing physicians to improve the experience of their patients. The scanner's industry-leading gradients deliver 70mT/m of power and 300T/m/s of slew rate, while short echo spacing and high signal-to-noise ratio enable high resolution and sharp images. Physicians can now request 1.5T quality acquisitions of the arm, including elbow, wrist and hand; or the leg, including knee, ankle and foot-and get the image quality and consistency they expect from a more powerful, conventional MR system. Santa Barbara Extremity MRI also works with local radiologists and provides images through the same system most local physicians currently utilize.

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Insurance Providers

SBEMRI is proudly contracted with Aetna, Cigna Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Health Net, UnitedHealthcare and First Health Network. We also accept CenCal and Medicare patients as an approved Part B provider.

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We enable patients to schedule directly with a physician's referral, or you may request your physician's office staff to coordinate an appointment.

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